"October 2014 I was living in Tampa, was on a moped and got hit. I broke my bilateral wrists, my tib/fib and my femur. I had weight-bearing restriction in my right leg until December 2014. Once I left rehab..."

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The receptionists Adriana & Heather are very personable and accommodating. They work very hard every time I see them. I hope they are treated well financially so they realize their worth. Mick is Phenomenal! I'm a "prove it" to me person and she has. I've improved a lot with her instruction to Preston and his follow through. The amazing manipulation to my painful neck has helped so much. The encouragement and the pool therapy has been awesome. Please keep them happy so they stay! They are a great group!

- Sharon M. of Westport, MA

"Treatment allowed me to feel steady improvement and reduction of pain. Also help with coping with functional challenges. Treatment by therapist and office staff was outstanding!"

- Carol A. from Hanover, MA

Answered all my questions. Listened well to my concerns. Felt a harmonious relationship with Amanda.

Joyce B.

At Anderson Physical Therapy we provide hands-on care for athletes recovering from injuries or nagging chronic conditions and we've even partnered with HealthTrax, a fitness center next door to us. We do our best to make our programs fun as well as therapeutic. (click photo to enlarge)

Thank you I can finally do gym again Thank you Amanda for fixing my foot!!!


"I went to another clinic for two months with no results; then I came to Anderson Physical Therapy and, after nine visits, the pain in my shoulder was gone."

J.B., Marshfield, MA

"The best treatment I have ever received from any PT clinic."

H.M., Pembroke, MA

"Very pleased with my treatment as my symptoms resolved very quickly. The office was very professional, courteous, and able to meet my schedule."

B.L., Hanover, MA